ACADAS online decision-making tool


This website offers a decision making tool which helps people with intellectual disabilities, with support.

Issue addressed

The website offers tools to explore decisions, think about the skills you need for the decision, decide who to involve in the decisions, think about the consequences.

Background information

This website has been designed for people with (intellectual) disabilities, with an age related illness or with mental health problems. It has been developed by a non-profit, advocacy organisation from Australia, ACADAS Advocacy.

Description of practice

The website is written in easy language and is user friendly. It also offers scroll-down lists with suggestions (areas of life to choose for your decisions : money, health care, routine or guardian as well as people to involve: mum, boyfriend…)
You need to register to be able to use the decision tool.
You can keep records of your decisions and come back to your decisions options (it allows to think about a decision over the time).
With the decision tool you identify:
– the area of decision
– what is important for you regarding the decision
– things you don’t want
Then you can enter different options and explore them one by one.
For each option you explore: if it is hard or easy, people you want to involve in the decision, what skills you have and skills you need to improve to take the decision.


The website is written in easy-to-read language but most probably requires a support person to assist the website user, at least for the first decisions and to understand how it works, especially in the cases where several options are envisaged.
However, it also offers an interesting tool for support staff or family member or anyone who is supporting a person with intellectual disability to take a decision.

The tool is free of charge once you have registered and you can come back to your decisions and to the information entered so far. It means that you can really take the time to explore different ways and come back to your decision.

The website also includes principles and guidelines to be used by family, friends, carers and paid workers to use this website and properly support the person who needs to take a decision.

It is an interesting tool to use, although it definitely requires support and also the lists of words proposed is not always relevant or well expanded, so it may be better not to look at it and to type in the words used by the person.

Further reading
You can access the the website of The ACT Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service (ADACAS) here

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