CREDO Project


“The CREDO Project aims to develop good practice and planning with young people perceived as having profound and complex impairments as they look forward to adult life. It stands for Creating Real and Equal Development Opportunities.”




Circles Network

Issues addressed

Supporting young people with profound and complex disabilities to transition into adulthood

Background information       

‘The CREDO Project is a result of a successful bid to the National Lottery Charities Board by Circles network in consultation with parents and professionals from the statutory and voluntary sector, including SENSE, Seeability, Learning Partnership West, schools and further education colleges. The award will be used to develop Person Centred Planning with young people (aged 13-19 years) with profound and complex impairments in England and Northern Ireland. It will focus on the issues that face individuals and people around them as they approach adult life.’

Description of practice

‘The aim of the CREDO Project is to facilitate a planning process that the young person can control and tell others about, rather than be told what their plan / assessment / review is to be. There are three main areas of work: planning with young people with profound and complex impairments, developing circles of support, and sharing models of good practice”

Additional information

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The Circles Network CREDO Project – Nadine Jay

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