MOBILE: supporting people who left institutions to live independently


‘MOBILE is building a network of support and assistance for persons with disabilities living out of institutions, including parents, allowing them to lead an independent life.’






MOBILE- Selbstbestimmtes Leben Behinderter e.V. for independent Living

Issues addressed

Independent Living

Background information

‘For the most part, persons with disabilities still live in institutions, and government support is primarily directed towards these institutions. Independent living in accessible apartments is very rare because few such apartments exist and community services are not widely available.’

Description of practice

‘Originating in the Independent Living movement, MOBILE allows persons with disabilities to analyse their own living situation and conditions, partly using the skills of trained pedagogics. They themselves define their needs for support and develop perspectives on how to live independently in the future. MOBILE informs persons with disabilities about their rights, improves their self-confidence, and assists in the transition process. Depending on the individual needs, pedagogical support, peer counselling, and other low-threshold support is provided.’


‘The public funding that is available for the employer model of personal assistance (described by MOBILE) is constantly increasing in response to the improved quality of life of persons who use assisted living or other MOBILE services. MOBILE is also offering a training program for organizations interested in implementing this model in their own services.’

Additional information

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