Study kit about citizenship and personal rights


‘The study kit is an educational program for people with cognitive disabilities to acquire knowledge about citizenship and personal rights. The objective of the program is to develop and test methods, tools, and information materials that provide people within the target group with knowledge of their personal rights, and to give the target group concrete tools for practicing these rights.’


Study kit about citizenship and personal rights




National Board of Social Services (Socialstyrelsen)

Issues addressed

Participation in civic and public life

Background information

‘The project focuses on improving the chances of people with cognitive disabilities to live an independent life and contribute to a democratic society on equal terms with others.’

Description of practice

‘The program takes into account the specific cognitive educational needs of the individual and provides educators with the tools for teaching the target group. Exercises are based on activities, pictures, role-playing, and visits, making the themes recognizable and part of the participants’ daily life. The aim is to provide participants with increased knowledge as well as an opportunity to practice the use of this knowledge. The colors red, yellow, and green are used to mark and illustrate different levels of decision-making. Educators work with the participants also beyond the four-week program.’


‘Based on positive experiences with the study kit, a project has been initiated in 2014 to extend access to the kit to a wider target group of adults   with more severe cognitive disabilities. This project will test and spread out an adjusted kit 10 municipalities. Kit materials are compiled in various formats that make it possible for the individual educator to further specify the materials for his or her participants.’

Additional information

2014 Inclusion Europe. Rue d'Arlon 55, 1040 Brussels, Belgium