Further reading

International and European background documents:


  • Selection of national publications related to legal capacity legislation and reforms:


  1. Australia: Victorian Law Reform Commission, Guardianship: Final report, April 2012 
  2. Canada:
    – Representation Agreement Act British Columbia, Canada
    – NIDUS Personal Planning Resource Centre: ‘A Study of Personal Planning in British Columbia: Representation Agreements with Standard Powers’ (2010)
  3. Germany: 
    Betreuungsgesetz (law on curatorship) of 1992   (available also in English)
  4. Ireland:
    Documents related to the reform of Capacity Law:
    – Essential principles of the Irish Legal Capacity Law
    – Conference on how Ireland can learn from other jurisdictions on legislating for legal capacity, jointly hosted by the Centre for Disability Law and Policy and Amnesty International.
    – Amnesty International news: ‘New capacity law must make supported decision-making reality
  5. Italy:  The law on the support manager (ammistratore di sostegno), (9 January 2004) 
  6. United Kingdom:
    – Mental Capacity Act 2005 and its code of practice
    – Neary, Mark: ‘Be Happy Audrey. I Say, Be Happy’.  Love, Belief and Balls, [Blog post] (2013)
    – ‘The small places’ Lucy Series (blog post)
    – The research and recommendations of the Law Commission
    – The reports and evidence of the parliamentary Joint Committee on the Draft Mental Capacity Bill 


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