At the individual level, advocacy support refers to situations where other people, like peers, family members, friends or professionals have to speak for an individual with an intellectual disability. The basis for all individual advocacy must be the clear determination to address the wishes of the person concerned. This person must also be in the position to choose the advocate who speaks for him or her, similarly to when we choose a financial consultant or a lawyer who defends one’s interests in a specific area.

At the organisational level, advocacy refers to the representation of group interests formulated in a democratic way.

The practices falling under the Advocacy category are:

Voting Without Legal Capacity

Summary ‘Human Rights Advocacy through Learning by Doing is a successful advocacy project for legislature change that promotes the right to vote for persons deprived of their legal capacity. Project activities were carried out using a networking advocacy approach, which included wide cooperation with other self-advocate groups, members of the Croatian self-advocacy network, relevant state […]

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Ceva de Spus

Summary Ceva de Spus is the first independent self-advocacy association in Romania. It aims to build confidence and empower self-advocates by offering support that is person-centred. The support available for making decisions related to work or personal life begins with high levels of support and is reduced as the self-advocate increases their confidence in decision […]

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MONDO card game – Learn how to protect yourself!

Summary The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) in cooperation with a Budapest based school for students with profound and multiple disabilities (Csillagház Általános Iskola) created the MONDO card game for children with disabilities. The card is an educational tool through which children can identify a number of dangers and abuse (e.g. guardianship, institutionalisation, hate-crime) and […]

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I take care of myself! Power of Attorney in easy language

The “power of attorney in easy language” is a consulting concept to support people with disabilities to create proxies. It shows how to give other persons, by means of a legal document, power to issue declarations and perform legal acts for an individual.

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