Circle of friends

The concept of a circle of friends to support an individual stems from the recognition that support by only one person can lead to dependency, control, abuse and a one-sided perception of an individual’s wishes. Practical experience has shown that a group comprising peers, friends, family members, neighbours etc. can provide more effective and reliable support to an individual. In this section, Inclusion Europe describes working methods and concepts to enable friends to provide a reliable circle of support.

The practices falling under the Circle of friends category are:

CREDO Project

Summary “The CREDO Project aims to develop good practice and planning with young people perceived as having profound and complex impairments as they look forward to adult life. It stands for Creating Real and Equal Development Opportunities.” Location UK Organisation/s Circles Network Issues addressed Supporting young people with profound and complex disabilities to transition into […]

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Black and White

The Black and White project aims to better implement Article 12 in the Czech Republic. It combines legal expertise and fieldwork conducted with people with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities, their families or circles of support. The project is implemented by QUIP and the Association for support of people with intellectual disabilities and their families in the Czech Republic (Inclusion Czech Republic).

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VELA microboards

A Microboard™ is a small (micro) group of committed family and friends who join together with a perticulat individual individual to create a non-profit society, or a board. Together, they will help the individual plan his/her life, advocate for what he/she needs, monitor services and ensure they are safe, and connect him/her to the wider community.

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Circles Network

Circles Network is a UK wide voluntary organisation based in Warwickshire, renowned for building inclusive communities on the foundations of justice, advocacy, empowerment and friendships. This organisation has expertise in the development of Circles of Support, Independent and Collective Advocacy, Person Centred Planning and Inclusion into the mainstream of life.

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