Universal design

Universal design and universal accessibility are important concepts for all citizens.
They refer to the political demand that all public and private services must be designed in a way that all citizens can access them.

Universal Design takes into account the full range of human diversity, including physical, perceptual and cognitive abilities, as well as different body sizes and shapes. By designing for this diversity, we can create things that are more functional and more user-friendly for everyone.
The practices falling under Universal design are:

The Supported Bank Account

The “Supported Bank Account” (“Betreutes Konto”) is a service provided by a mainstream debt counselling service in the city of Vienna in cooperation with some selected banks. The supported account helps the clients with complying to their payment obligations. Through this support service the eviction of many people could already be prevented

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Teacher Training of Betreuungsverein Dortmund

This Betreuungsverein provides training for school teachers on legal issues relating to people with (intellectual) disabilities. The motivationis was the constant requests from family members to the teachers to provide this information. This practice can support the transition to a legally capable adult.

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Registered Disability Savings Plan

A Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) is a Government of Canada program designed to enable individuals with disabilities, with assistance from family and friends to save for their future financial security.

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